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Kuidas kasutada QR-koode raamatutes ja trükistes?

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Before a couple of years, a book was a series of printed pages meant for educating and/or entertaining oneself. Today, the way books are used has changed. Most of the times, they no longer are in our hands directly.

However, they are in our hands indirectly through tablets, smartphones, and computers. In other words, the book users prefer smart gadgets to read digital books (eBooks) for both learning and entertainment. So, do they overcome printed books?

Well, the truth is that they do not! Even today, a good number of people still prefer reading a hard copy over a digital version. Well, it is a matter of personal preference. So, we cannot conclude that digital books have overcome the printed copies.

Further, school and college textbooks are still an integral part of a student’s life. So, it is wise to think of how to maximize the reader’s engagement through these books. So, what can you do? Is there anything that you can do apart from making appealing front and back covers? Read on…

Vajadus lugeja kaasatust maksimeerida

With the help of advanced technology, booksellers or authors can capture the interest and obsession of readers through books only. One of the easy, efficient, and affordable ways to do so is putting a QR code on a book.

It is a 2D barcode that can contain alphanumeric data and more information than what a standard barcode can hold. It is an effective way to enable readers to just use their smartphones to scan them and connect to the online world from an offline book in hand.

Let’s take an example. Just imagine a book on recipes of home-made skincare treatments. On the back cover, you can include a QR code with a label ‘Get Reviews’.  This informs the reader that scanning the code will reveal what the existing users of these recipes are saying.

Wow! That’s interesting and helpful, isn’t it? It also speaks a lot about your transparency in dealing with things, which finally helps in building your name and giving you fame.

Both creating and scanning the code are easy tasks. It hardly takes time to create and design a suitable QR code using one of the online free QR code generators. You can even customize the QR code in terms of shape, size, color, and image (can add your publishing agency logo).

Ideed raamatute QR-koodide kasutamiseks

Well, the aforementioned example is just a single use of a QR code. You can use these codes in many other useful ways. Here are some ideas of using them for maximizing the reader’s engagement:

  • Take readers to a Webpage or YouTube page that has related videos to your topic covered in the book instead of showing static pictures. This is how they can learn the concepts in an easier and effective way. You can put QR codes inside the book, wherever applicable, to take them to videos explaining that part in detail.
  • Keeleraamatu korral viige lugejad tõlkimiseks .mp3 audiosaadetele. See on lugejale keele õppimisel abiks, isegi kui lisada häälduslauseid.
  • Viige lugejad albumite ja fotode veebigaleriisse, mis pole raamatusse trükkimiseks nii olulised. Sel viisil saate oma trükikulusid märkimisväärselt kokku hoida. Need pildid peaksid olema sekundaarsed või toetavad.
  • Viige lugejad õigete vastuste juurde juhuks, kui peatüki lõpus on probleeme, mida tuleks lahendada. See võib olla veebileht, kus kuvatakse selgitused koos vastustega või lihtsalt vastuseid paljastav tekst.
  • Take readers to a webpage where they can see a trailer of your upcoming book. Just as movies, people are interested in watching book trailers too. It can easily persuade them to keep an eye on the release date of that book. Just link your code to a YouTube video. In this way, you can get more readers and buyers of your upcoming book.
  • Take readers to a commenting webpage where they can add a review for the book. This is how you can come to know about their opinions for your book.
  • Viige lugejad oma profiililehele, kus nad saavad teiega ühenduse luua. See võib olla teie visiitkaart või sotsiaalmeedia leht. Raamatusõbrad on sageli ka autorifännid! Kui nad teid jälgivad, näitavad nad tõenäoliselt üles huvi ka teie uute raamatute vastu.


Professors and teachers have already started using them for engaging students in boring or complicated learnings. So, why not you?

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