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¿Cómo podrías explotar la papelería con los códigos QR?

qr-códigos en papelería

Confiado por las principales marcas

QR codes are widely in use these days and are seen almost on every product, right from a flyer to a consumer product package. The main reason behind this is that they are handy to establish a lasting bond between the target product or service and potential customers.

Further, as an increasing number of individuals are using smartphones that can scan these codes, the convenience of using them has been maximized. So, is using them on your stationery worthy of your time and efforts? Continue reading…

¿Por qué los códigos QR de los artículos de papelería

It is truly a unique idea to use the same on business or office stationery. It is perhaps the most effective one, as using QR codes on products and marketing materials are somehow event- or time-bound. This means that people may remember you only until that buying, after-sale, or event time after which the materials make way to the trash bin. 

On the other hand, using codes on office or business stationery to share some valuable stories has no such confinements. Some items such as invitations, invoices, and letters are likely to be relevant for a specific event or transaction.

However, items such as pens, ID cards, letterheads, carry bags, and intro letters are not so. They can be seen and scanned by any new client or customer at any time only to find something interesting and interactive.

Stationery is critical in showcasing our business or profession to others in daily life. Right from those small, rectangular business cards to greetings or invitations in use, stationery is indispensable. By adding QR codes to them, you not only make your presentation unique but also increase the probability of sales. 

When people scan these codes using their smartphones, they directly go to a digital location where you want them to go. For example, it can be a YouTube video, an infographic, a PDF, or a social media page.

The best part of these codes is that they are instantly scannable by anybody using a smartphone and can take customers or clients to your multimedia content that no other means such as flyers, brochures, or business cards can show.

Lo que los códigos QR de la papelería pueden hacer por ti

Businesses keep changing stationery to expand themselves, adhere to communication trends, and adapt to variations in consumer behavior. For example, instead of giving a business card, a business card having a QR code taking to the official webpage is the way to go.

Well, these are some surfacing reasons to use stationery with QR codes. Here are the more profound reasons business and brands of all sizes admire:

  • Construya su marca sin cesar y de forma asequible: Algunos de los usos comunes de la papelería son tomar notas rápidas, enviar cartas y hacer una encuesta en papel. Si estos artículos de papelería se personalizan para incluir códigos QR, se vuelve simple, efectivo y eficiente para reforzar su marca. Esto es lo que haces con la correspondencia impresa, ¿verdad? Un código QR en cada papelería enviada puede establecer una conexión entre el cliente y el negocio cuando lleva a los clientes a una página web que ofrece detalles de contacto.
  • Haz que tu conversación sea poderosa: Although e-mails and digital greetings are more in use these days, they cannot overcome or fully replace the impact of printed letters or cards. In some cases, such letters and other stationery are ideal. For example, a printed greeting card has both commercial and sentimental intents by taking those extra efforts of printing, designing, and sending it, while a digital one may be attributed to a commercial purpose only. Letters or cards are perhaps the only way to convey the seriousness of legal declarations, condolences, and acceptance statements. Thus, printed tools are still preferred for anything important. So, when you use QR codes on such stationery, you can simply connect the users with multimedia that you wish to share. Multimedia speaks a thousand words! Thus, your words get power.
  • Transportar perpetuamente: While several gifts are eventually short-lived, stationery is likely to stay with us. It is not easy to throw away that most-loved congrats note that is on a company-gifted pen on which a dynamic QR code can also take you to its upcoming product releases. It is true that we all love stationery, especially with our office drawers filled with it due to the attached aesthetic or sentimental value. So, you can customize them to have QR codes for lasting deep sentimental connections for years.


QR codes on your stationery items can work in favor of your business in the most durable manner. Just try it!

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