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Wie verwendet man QR-Codes für Social Media und Kundenkonvertierung?

✅ Learn how to make a QR Code for social media.
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Vertrauen von Top-Marken

QR codes are most commonly associated with websites. They can carry many different loads – from websites to vCards or emails, but most marketers use them to advertise for their websites. However, websites can be quite diversified and apart from official websites, QR codes make a great option if you want to boost your social media presence as well.

More and more marketers associate QR codes with their social media profiles. Scanning their codes can take you to different options. Normally, the marketer should include a call to action as well. When you scan the code, you might be able to like their Facebook page, follow their Twitter account or maybe their Instagram page.

Now, if you think about it, an official website would be more efficient than a link to a social media profile or to automatically like or follow a page. However, some businesses use social media profiles as their official websites. On the other hand, other companies need more advertising for their social media profiles if that is where most of the interaction is.

Vorteile der Verwendung von QR-Codes für die Konvertierung in soziale Medien

Wenn Sie QR-Codes verwenden, um Ihre Präsenz in sozialen Medien zu erhöhen, können Sie Ihre Marketing-Kosten auf einem anständigen Niveau. Raum kommt mit einem Preis. Ganz gleich, ob Sie auf einer großen Plakatwand im Stadtzentrum oder auf einer Seite in einer Zeitschrift inserieren, möglicherweise benötigen Sie mehr Platz, als Sie haben. Wenn es um soziale Medien geht, können Sie zum Glück einen Link zu einem Beitrag mit allen Informationen oder einfach zu Ihrem Profil setzen, damit andere darin blättern können. Es braucht nicht allzu viel Platz, sondern nur einen Aufruf zum Handeln.

Since you link somewhere else, you can also edit the linked page as you wish – and within the rules and capabilities of that social network, of course. For example, if you would like to add some updates to a post, you can simply edit the post. Its URL will not change, so the QR code will still work – no need to generate and advertise a new one.

Whether your Facebook profile has skyrocketed overnight or your follower database in Instagram has doubled up in a week, you obviously want to know whether it was the QR code advertising or something else. Since QR codes provide excellent statistics, you will know precisely what the cause was. You will know which location of your ad worked better (a magazine, a window ad, a flyer or others), as well as the best times to scan it.

Jüngsten Statistiken zufolge verbringen die Menschen in Europa etwa fünf Stunden am Tag mit der Nutzung ihrer Smartphones. Nur 15 Minuten dieser Zeit nutzen sie, um tatsächlich zu telefonieren. QR-Codes richten sich an mobile Benutzer, die ihre Geräte für buchstäblich alles verwenden - von Einkaufen zur Unterhaltung. Mit anderen Worten: QR-Codes sind für diese Menschen förderlich. Sie können mehr über Ihr Unternehmen und spezielle Werbeaktionen erfahren, aber sie werden Ihnen auch folgen oder Sie mögen, wenn sie an Ihrem Unternehmen interessiert sind.

Last, but not least, QR codes for social media increase your customer service standards. However, apart from the actual marketing campaign, you will also have to up your game a little. Simply put, you will draw people to your chosen social network. They will like or follow your page, but they will also start interacting as your posts keep flowing.

This is when the second step of your campaign kicks in – getting involved. Reply to every comment, get engaged and never let messages idle in your inbox. Reply right away and get active. Social media is great for customer service, but you have to actually be there and do it right.

Wie man QR-Codes für Social Media und Kundenkonvertierung verwendet

Es gibt ein paar verschiedene Arten der Nutzung QR-Codes für soziale Medien. Die grundlegende Methode besteht darin, QR-Codes mit Ihrem Social-Media-Profil zu verknüpfen - so einfach ist das. Gehen Sie in einem Browser - unabhängig vom Netzwerk - zu Ihrem Profil, kopieren Sie die URL, fügen Sie sie in einen QR-Code-Generator ein und generieren Sie den Code.

The code will link people to your profile or page. If they already use an application for that social network, they might be prompted to see your link in the app. If not, they will load the link in their default browser and they can take further action from there – such as liking, following or sharing your stuff.

There are also a few links that perform an actual action. For example, there is a link to like your page, as well as a link to follow your profile or share your page. Find that link on the social network you use and add it to your code generator.

Other than that, major social networks allow you to generate your own code within the actual network. You do not have to use a QR code generator over the Internet, but generate and download it from the network – same result, more convenience and less work.

Wie machen Sie das dann für jedes größere Netzwerk?

QR-Codes für Snapchat

QR codes in Snapchat are often referred to as snapcodes. They are proprietary and the design is the most recognizable one in the industry. The main role of these codes is to allow you adding new people. However, certain benefits will also come in – getting exclusive content, discovering new lenses, unlocking new filters and so on.

To come up with your own code, you will have to go to your profile settings and hit the button to create a snapcode.

QR-Codes für Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger application allows creating your own QR codes for social media. When scanned, such codes linked users to robots. Their benefits are not so obvious in marketing though, as people want information, rather than robots.

Anyway, if you want your own robot, you will need to tap your profile picture in the corner of the application, tap the profile on top of the screen and you will find an option to come up with your own code.

QR-Codes für Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, users can download all kinds of marketing materials and most of them have QR codes on them. You can also select the action performed when someone scans your code.

You can link people to your address or special offers, but also have them like the page, write a recommendation or leave a review.

QR-Codes für Twitter

Twitter’s QR codes are straight to the point. They were introduced in 2016 and they can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Once scanned within the app, the code would allow following the attached profile.

Finding your own QR code for Twitter is easy. Go to the top menu, click on your profile icon and look for the QR code icon option.

QR-Codes für Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks in the world. It took developers a while to join the QR code fun, but they did it. The so called nametags allowed scanning QR codes to reach people’s profiles, rather than doing it through the explore option.

Surprisingly enough, the feature did not last long. Its QR codes were a bit different from the classic design, yet you had a few options to customize them. You can still get QR codes for your Instagram page though. Simply find a free QR code generator online and link to your profile page.

Wo QR-Codes für soziale Medien gefördert werden können

QR codes for social media are similar to any other type of QR codes when it comes to marketing. They can literally go anywhere. Print marketing represents the most popular option. Basically, you can add these codes on flyers, billboards, magazine ads, newspapers and so on. As a general rule of thumb, it is highly recommended to add a call to action as well. Otherwise, people have no idea what they are scanning or where they will be taken. Just let them know – follow us, like our page and so on.

Product packaging is also worth some attention. Whether you create homemade cosmetics, cereals or pasta, it makes no difference. Make sure you have enough room to place a decently sized QR code (at least 0.4×0.4 inches in size for a good scannability).

Business cards also make a great way to advertise. A QR code might require less space than listing your actual account. Plus, people would have to search for you and maybe even find more businesses or pages with a similar name. In order to avoid confusion, simply design your own QR code.


Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass QR-Codes für Social Media sehr weit gehen können. Sie funktionieren wie klassische QR-Codes, nur dass sie auf Social-Media-Profile verweisen. Für einige könnte die Interaktion über soziale Netzwerke der erfolgreichste Weg sein, Geschäfte zu machen. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass Sie einige Optionen haben - sich selbst mit Profilseiten verlinken oder einfach proprietäre QR-Codes innerhalb der Anwendungen entwerfen.

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