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How to Make QR Codes for Android Apps

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QR кодове за приложения за Android google play store
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QR кодове за приложения за Android google play store

While most people associate QR codes with website links, the truth is you can attach pretty much all kinds of information to them. For example, you can attach a vCard, so users add your contacts to their address books instantly.

You can also link to an application, which will take the user to the Google Play Store. All in all, the last option seems to gain more and more popularity, but is it really worth it?

You would have to learn how to създайте QR кодове for downloading Android apps. It sounds challenging, but actually the whole process of generating QR code app for Android is very simple.

The Benefits of Using QR Codes to Market Your Application

First of all, a QR code will eliminate confusion. If someone wants to download your application, chances are a simple search over the Google Play Store will reveal many irrelevant results – similar or associated. In this case, users might feel a bit confused and they may choose the wrong app. In an even worse scenario, they will choose your competitor’s application.

Secondly, your application may not even be the first one in the results for some particular keywords. Unless your business name is a totally unique word, chances are your new Android App will be lower in the list, causing even more confusion and leading customers to your competition.

This is the main reason why most companies include links to the associated applications, rather than give out their names and let users search for them.

All these issues can become history if you start using QR codes efficiently to market your digital products.

Where to Use QR Codes for Your App

Just like any other types of QR codes, those linked to Android apps can be used everywhere. You can add them on business cards, print media, your website, and social media content. Some businesses include such QR codes on each picture they upload on social media.

Make sure the QR codes size have the right sizes or they may not be scannable though. Larger is always better. If they go out on printed materials, they should be at least 0.4×0.4 inches in size (1×1 centimeters). Although we would suggest using at least double that size.

Once you learn how to use QR code for Android app, they can go anywhere – both online and offline marketing materials.

No one needs to learn how to download an app using QR codes for Android because it is often automatic. Many modern smartphones nowadays come with built-in scanners. Others may require an app though. Those who have scanned QR codes before will have no problems with yours.

To get the best conversion rates for your QR codes, make sure to use logos and CTA labels on the QR codes. For this, you need a free Генератор на QR кодове за Android. Don’t get tricked into the “premium” generators, when you can get all the same features for free.


QR codes linking to Android applications are popular for many obvious reasons. If you already aren’t, you should definitely consider using QR codes for your Android apps.

In a digital world where plenty of businesses come up with their own apps, it is easy to understand why a QR code placed in the right location can definitely boost your downloads and conversions.

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Вземете повече сканирания с рамки

Рамките с призив към действие помагат на вашите клиенти да взаимодействат лесно с QR кода. Опитайте ги!

Добавете повече стил с форми

QR кодовете не трябва да са квадратни. Опитайте да го смените, за да отговаря на имиджа на вашата марка.

Добави лого към вашия QR код

Направете вашия QR код да се откроява, като добавите вашето лого и марка към него.

Умен Приложение Магазин пренасочвания

Добавете вашите връзки към приложението към нашия интелигентен QR код на App Store. Потребителите се пренасочват въз основа на тяхното устройство.

Качване на изображение към QR код

Споделяйте вашите изображения лесно. Променете всяко изображение динамично в рамките на секунди.

Споделете вашите PDF файлове

Качете и покажете всичко необходимо:

  • Менюта и ценови листи
  • Инструкции
  • Всякакви документи

Редактирайте по-късно без печат

Динамичните QR кодове ви позволяват да промените съдържанието на вашия QR код, без да се налага да отпечатвате нови.

Кога? Където? Следа вашият QR код сканира

Открийте кои от вашите QR кодове получават най-много сканирания и какво вълнува най-много вашите клиенти.

Готов за печат налични файлове


Искате ли да изтеглите своите QR кодове в HD резолюция? Вземете векторни или пикселни формати, които са готови за печат.

Моля Изчакай. Вашият QR код е Зареждане... Зареждане...

Направи го твое собствен

Получете повече сканирания, като създадете страхотни QR кодове с различни цветове, лога и рамки с подканваща фраза.